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With the continued shortage of experienced and qualified cybersecurity professional and a rapidly expanding threat landscape, security as a service (SECaaS) provides organizations multiple benefits while protecting their digital resources.

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Brookey & Company, through its partnership with Armor Defense, offers SECaaS and compliance solutions for all organizations – from small to large enterprises.  

More than just a notification service, the Security Operation Center team’s 24x7/365 monitoring, detection, and quick incident response service helps reduce the dwell time to 1 day – not 100. Increase the security and lighten your compliance burden of your data - no matter where it’s hosted. 

Why Brookey & Company and Armor?  

  • Agent-based solution – 5 minutes to install and you’re protected  
  • Up to 70% total cost of operations savings when compared to DIY solutions 
  • Visibility and maintain control through the Armor Management Portal 
  • Supplements your security and controls (AWS and Azure)