Hybrid IT Roadmap

Hybrid IT Roadmap Solution

Brookey & Company’s SaaS-based Hybrid IT Roadmap helps your organization model a range of scenarios to solidify your transformation planning. Our approach is vendor-agnostic comparing up to 8 different vendors including AWS and Azure to provide your organization with the best hybrid solutions. The overall process is summarized in these four steps:




We begin the Discover process with a kick-off meeting to introduce the purpose and business outcomes with your key organizational stakeholders. The next step our team runs an agentless collection tool to gather critical IT portfolio data without impacting your organization’s environments.

After completing the automated inventory, we help you assess your organizations hardware, software, application dependencies, and services. Using the collected data, we also review utilization reports to identify opportunities for cost take-out to optimize your current environment.

For infrastructure and application services, we input your Performance, Service Level, Compliance, Privacy, and Regulatory requirements (over 150 different global options including PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.), CAPEX and OPEX costs, and other key factors into CloudAssist. To capture the Total Cost of Operations for the services and applications being evaluated, we also work with you to identify your unique operational costs including training, staff certifications, and information security costs.

With technical and cost inputs complete, your requirements are compared with up to 8 different vendor solutions plus “Build it Yourself” generating a scorecard with the top three ranked Deployment Options. We work with you to model additional scenarios to achieve your desired technical and business outcomes.

The easy to read graphical scorecard shows:

  • Service Level, Security, and Technology fit
  • A detailed TCO analysis in your home currency ($, €, £) for Cloud versus Build Your Own
  • Any missing cloud provider services (Hardware, Platform, Middleware, Security, Compliance)

Once the modeling is complete, we generate a final CloudRank ™ Report in support of the scorecard results. Based on the approach your organization selects, we add your preferred approach to your overall Hybrid IT Roadmap timeline to indicating plans for upgrade, migration to the cloud, or replace. All in 30 days or less.

Your Hybrid IT Roadmap serves as the basis for migration planning, execution, and management of your enterprise environment. Using the Roadmap and accompanying report, you’ll have a single plan highlighting your Total Cost of Operations, Risk Factors, opportunities to optimize Resource Utilization, Business Initiative Alignment, and recommended Key Performance Indicators to measure your Hybrid IT environment’s performance to plan.

Engagement Deliverables

  • Kick-Off Meeting with Key Organizational Stakeholders
  • Application Portfolio Inventory and Requirements Assessment
  • Hybrid IT Roadmap and Report