Brookey & Company cloud security

Brookey & Company has recently entered an agreement to join Armor's Guardian Partner program. Under the agreement, Brookey & Company will offer two cloud security solutions, Armor Complete and Armor Anywhere. Armor Anywhere is being offered as a complimentary security solution for our current Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure offerings.

 Armor Anywhere is a managed, scalable security solution designed to protect data workloads and applications on public, private, hybrid or on premise cloud environments including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Once integrated into your environment, Armor Anywhere provides multiple layers of security and control through 24/7 monitoring, threat detection and remediation by the experts in the Armor Security Operations Center (SOC). This responsiveness, combined with enhanced visibility through the Armor Management Portal, a real-time dashboard for your security environment, reduces the security and compliance burden of your data - no matter where it’s hosted.

Summary features of Armor Anywhere include:

·         Agent-based solution that is quick and easy to install
·         Scalable to meet your security or compliance needs
·         Up to 70% cost savings when compared to DIY solutions
·         Visibility and control through the Armor Management Portal
·         24/7 monitoring of your environment
·         Supplements security and controls on public clouds (AWS and Azure)

Contact Brookey & Company at to learn more about Armor Anywhere.