Organizational Assessments - Where Do I Begin?

If you’re reading this Insight, you’re probably considering an Organizational Assessment to help achieve outcomes set by your organization but wondering – where do I begin? 

Organizational assessments go by many different monikers – Organizational Analysis, Organizational Development, Organizational Evaluation, Organizational Readiness Assessment, and Change Management Readiness Assessments.    

Our previous Insight post The Benefits of an Organizational Assessment reviewed the 4 types of Organizational Assessments:  

  1. Business Operations 

  2. Cultural Health 

  3. Organization-wide Leadership Capability  

  4. Organizational Health  

The framework for accomplishing each of the 4 types is essentially the same, tools & techniques may differ slightly depending on an organization’s size, geography/global locations, and other factors.  

The method Brookey & Company uses for all 4 types of Organizational Assessments is market vertical agnostic – and can be applied to Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Sports & Entertainment, Biotech, Software companies, and Public Sector organizations. The scope of the effort is scaled to fit the size of an organization.   

We often suggest clients begin their transformation with one of two types of Organizational Assessments:   

  • Business Operations - equally useful to solve immediate, urgent problems or for larger scale analysis of an organizations process efficiency  

  • Organizational Health – Review of an organizations processes, alignment with business goals, resource allocation, and effectiveness of systems. 

The fact that you’re here is a good indicator of interest in beginning your organization’s transformation. Recognize that organizational assessments often generate results requiring sweeping changes to culture and process. Your management team must be prepared to accept and implement change.

Where do I begin?  

  • Baselining your current state is the important first step

  • Through the baselining process identify areas for improvement 

  • Prioritize the areas for improvement, estimate implementation cost by area (offset by efficiency gains and profit optimization), establishing measurement criteria set to produce an Improvement Roadmap  

Use the Improvement Roadmap to chart the first steps of your transformation journey 

  • Identify quick wins to begin solving your high-priority challenges   

  • Brookey & Company can help guide your organization implement the Improvement Roadmap or position your team to successfully launch an internal transformation project  

Why invest in an Organizational Assessment? 

  • Useful for businesses of all sizes and types to begin or advance your organizations continuous improvement culture  

  • Discover organizational shortcomings, use the Brookey & Company Improvement Roadmap to methodically achieve greater agility, competitive advantage, improve cost effectiveness 

  • Establish the starting point for cost or managerial restructuring, digital transformation initiatives, risk management for rapidly growing companies, new market entry, M&A integration, profit optimization   

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