Cloud Computing Strategy

In 2017 up to 75% of all organizations reportedly have some type of cloud strategy. However, many of those strategies are in a perpetual state of rework. With cost savings still the #1 reason companies move to the cloud, the cost of increased governance, expanded staffing requirements, additional compliance and data security requirements are often overlooked. Failing to consider these and other risk factors can impact business operations and financial results.

The Business Case for a Cloud Strategy Plan

Brookey & Company’s Cloud Strategy and IT Roadmap solution can help you save time and money by reducing the number of times you analyze the cost and technical risk of adding cloud services. Our independent evaluation of your Company’s Application Portfolio and the alignment with Business Initiatives helps identify potential technical, operational and cost risks. Your company must understand why you’re moving to the cloud, what you can move, who will participate and when to move your applications and workload.

Engagement Approach to Your Cloud Computing Journey

  • Engagement Kick-Off Meeting
  • Interviews with Executive Business and IT Leaders
  • Review of Application Portfolio
  • Review alignment of Business Initiatives with IT Plans
  • Presentation of Findings and Recommendations

Engagement Deliverables:

  • Cloud Strategy Document:
    • Current State Findings
    • Recommended Strategy for Self-Managed versus Cloud Provider-Managed
    • Business and IT Risk Observations
    • Optimization Recommendations for Process, People, Initiatives
    • Recommended KPIs to measure progress
  • IT Roadmap:
    • Application Cloud Migration Plan in time-phased increments
    • Recommendation for Application Retirement and Replacement

Why Brookey & Company?

Our cloud computing assessment is a fixed scope offering using a proven Cloud Adoption Framework delivering actionable results to your organization in as little as two weeks. Our methodology allows the option for use of your organizations IT Asset inventory or Brookey & Company third party automated tools to baseline your organizations IT Asset inventory. Working in conjunction with your key stakeholders, Brookey & Company’s cloud computing assessment helps build internal consensus and set the foundation for your organization’s enterprise Cloud Computing strategy.

Our experience with Application Development, Service Management, Data Center Migration and Cloud Business & TCO professional accreditations combined with our Cloud Alliance Partners deep product expertise allows Brookey & Company to recommend the optimum solutions for your organization’s needs. For a response from our executive team, please contact us at to learn how Brookey & Company can help you take the first step in your journey to the cloud today.